Personal training Utrecht: Fit within 3 months!

Personal training Utrecht

Fun, challenging and effective!

Fit within 3 months!

Don’t postpone any longer… get fit, strong and vibrant!

Personal training Utrecht

Nicolette is offering is a combination of mild-bootcamp, yoga and running (if you like).
You can start at any time. If you have limitations, no worries: Nicolette is a physiotherapist and will put together a special program for you.
Spoken language: English or Dutch.

  • Intake with a paramedical check-up > fitness test and setting goals
  • Three months, 13 weeks, 20 x 1 hours of personal training
  • Monthly test to measure your progress


Utrecht parks.

Love nature? It’s outdoors! For people who rather train in a Gym, this is not for you.

Women 50-65 years

For women in or after the meno pause I offer a special program. Building up slowly, using special exercises for your stomach, arms and leg muscles.
Getting a fat belly? Don’t get frightened to much on the numbers on gaining wait in the meno pause, adjust your lifestyle!


Want to train with a friend or your partner? That’s great too!
You can both train for the same total price.
So, each will pay half!


Bekijk deze video op YouTube.

Power • core stability
individual body weight exercises
stretching • breathing • relaxation


personal trainer Utrecht Nicolette Verheem

Nicolette has been in topsport for 22 years. She played for the Dutch Ultimate Frisbee Team andd was the national coach for some years. She is a experienced physiotherapist. S0, in case of physical problems she can advise you to prevent injuries.


  • Fit in 3 months basic : Intake, fit test, 20x 1 hour training,  € 1.692 (incl. BTW 21%)
  • Fit in 3 months silver: Intake, fit test, 20x 1 hour training, 1 mental coaching, 3 massages > € 1.990 (incl. BTW 21%)
  • Fit in 3 months gold  : Intake, fit test, 20x 1 hour training, 2 mental coaching, 6 massages > € 2.300 (incl. BTW 21%)

Healthy thoughts and belief will reduce stress and creates powerful self confidence.
So, during the mental coaching sessions we will work on your mental power: getting your body and mind vital.

One hour personal training costs € 70,- (excl. 21% BTW).
Want to train with a friend or your partner? That’s also possible. You can both train for the same total price.

If loosing weight is part of your goal I cooperate with a dietician.

(Prices are excluded 21% BTW  (a business invoice stating ‘Personal Development Course’ is possible).


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